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Forest Bathing Trainer course in Slovenia

Forest Bathing Trainer

Start your career as forest bathing trainer following the San Bao Method – a holistic approach to stress reduction and health promotion in the forest. As the forest is gaining importance be it in the recreational field, in tourism or health care, there is more and more demand for highly qualified forest bathing trainers. Following the San Bao Method you return to the roots of forest bathing and combine eastern health care traditions such as Qigong with scientific findings in forest medicine and therapy. Forest bathing following the San Bao Method strengthens body, mind and vitality – the three treasures within the human body.

Contents of the course

  • Forest bathing / shinrin yoku: origins and modern concept
  • Forest medicine and research findings
  • The San Bao Method in theory and practice
  • Forest bathing exercises for body, mind and vitality
  • The forest as your workplace, leading groups in the forest
  • An extensive number of forest bathing exercises: Qigong in movement and silence, mindfulness based exercises, relaxation and stress-reduction exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, creative activities…
  • Planning of a forest bathing workshop within the group
  • Guiding and instructing the group
  • Self-experience and reflection
  • Forest bathing at beautiful locations in and around Kransjka Gora

Language of instruction is English (German). The script is available in English or German.

After the course you have three months’ time to complete the requirements for becoming a forest bathing trainer and receiving your certificate.

Target group:

The course for becoming a Forest Bathing Trainer San Bao © is aimed at people who

  • are interested in the forest as a health promoting landscape.
  • would like to offer Forest Bathing sessions as means of stress reduction in the health promoting field.
  • would like to get to know a holistic preventive approach to one’s own healthcare.
  • would like to actively reduce stress and promote their own health.
  • consider a change in their professional career.
  • would like to enhance their competences in this field or any other related flied (forest pedagogy, mindfulness trainers etc.)

Future career perspectives:

  • recreational field and leisure
  • tourism and hotels
  • health care and prevention
  • health promotion at the workplace, seminars and incentives

Date and place: 11th -16th August 2023 in Kranskja Gora, Slovenia

Fee: 1490€ incl. script, exam fee, coffee breaks when in the seminar room (excl. accommodation)


You may book your accommodation following this link


Pariticpants‘ feedback

„I have really enjoyed the course and it definitely was an enrichment to my personal development, my personality, and my potential. It has strengthened my belief in what I do – namely going into the forest, enjoying nature in order to strenghthen my resilience.”

“It was the perfect training with a huge recreational factor. Thank you for the time!”

“Thank you for your guidance. I will incorporate the activities and exercises in my future walks in the forest. Your calm and relaxing personality has just made it perfect.”